Haven of Hope Holistic Care Centre Development Plan
The service of Holistic Care Centre and Sister Annie Skau Nursing Home was merged in April, 2014. The Centre was renamed “Haven of Hope Sister Annie Skau Holistic Care Centre” and aimed to provide 123 beds to serve the growing needs in the community for quality rehabilitations and long term care for the frail elders as well as holistic end-of-life care for patients with late stage cancer and other chronic irreversible diseases. The new centre will also ……
TotalCare is a service specially designed for the frail elderly with chronic illness who are living in the community. We provide home care medical and rehabilitation service as well as solutions to improve the quality of chronic illness care for the home stay elders…
Since 1997, the Haven of Hope has developed different types of self-financed elderly home services.
With more than fifty years of history, the Chapel has witnessed the Tseung Kwan O district’s development and has completed the renovation in December 2013. We welcome co-workers and church members to book the Chapel for weddings, memorials, retreats, seminars, training courses etc.
The Haven of Hope Sister Annie Skau Holistic Care Centre provides integrated and holistic end-of-life care for the frail elders, chronically ill and patients with late stage cancer and other irreversible illnesses.
Beginning from a makeshift clinic on a stone slab providing medical services and alms for the refugees, the Haven of Hope today developed to have 9 community clinics, which provide professional and one-stop clinic services including the Chinese Medicine Service, Family Medicine Service, Dentistry and other specialist services.» detail
Nowadays, most of the people are tensed and under pressure. As a result,illnesses arise. Besides, aging problem is serious and the aged need our care. To react to the social needs, Haven of Hope Causeway Bay Medical Centre is opened, providing an integrated service of Chinese Medicine and Western Specialty and a Memory Clinic ..» detail